absolutely massive launch; Overwatch 2 players are encountering numerous errors when trying to log in or getting disconnected mid-match. This is both in part to a DDoS attack on launch day and the sheer number of players logging into Overwatch 2. One error you might be trying to fix in Overwatch 2 is the ‘sorry we were unable to log you in’ error.

How to fix the Overwatch 2 ‘sorry we were unable to log you in’ error

The ‘sorry we were unable to log you in’ is an extremely frustrating error, especially if you have been sitting in a long queue only to receive this message. Unfortunately, there is no real fix for the issue aside from closing Overwatch 2 and relaunching. Completely closing out of Battle.net seems to help PC players, while restarting your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch may also help.

This may take a few tries, but keep at it, and sooner or later, you will be able to get into Overwatch 2. We also recommend verifying your game is fully updated and checking to see if your internet connection is having any issues, and restarting it. These are both good things to do in general when it comes to Overwatch 2 errors, but ultimately the issue likely lies with how many players are attempting to log on at once.

Once you are able to get past the ‘sorry we were unable to log you in’ error; we recommend staying in Overwatch 2 as long as possible. This will prevent you from having to wait in the queue, as well as avoid this error occurring again when you try to log in.

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