It is common for online games to experience outages and Roblox is no exception. Due to its identity as a platform and host to thousands of games, however, Roblox contains dozens of error codes for tracking down all of the known potential issues that occur. One of these issues is error code 524.

Error Code 524 Cause & Fix

Error code 524 could be the cause of two issues: Roblox is either experiencing downtime due to an outage/known maintenance as directed from the company. Or, the player has attempted to join a blocked VIP server.

Players will receive one of two messages if this error occurs:

  • Not authorized to join this game. (Error Code: 524)
  • You do not have permission to join this game. (Error Code: 524)

If the player has trouble accessing multiple Roblox games, chances are the 524 error code is caused by a platform outage. This could occur anywhere from the Roblox web browser, the mobile app, or on Xbox consoles.

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In this case, players can check Roblox server status, a page that breaks down where exactly the server issues are occurring. This page is provided by the Roblox company for users to view and understand what the issue may be.

The Fix

There is no known fix on the player’s end for error code 524. If the platform is down due to an outage or scheduled Roblox maintenance, users must wait until the Roblox support team fixes the issue on the company’s end. In this case, it will take time until the platform once again reaches stability.

Users can also check the Roblox Downdetector page for additional troubleshooting. Downdetector compiles user reports for any known issues occurring in online games. Checking this website when Roblox experiences issues is a great way to determine whether or not the issue has spread to multiple users.

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