Ever since the launch of Red Dead Online, from time to time, some players report experiencing an error called Error 0x20010006. This pesky Error has been said to both prevent players from joining servers and leaving to some extent. Luckily in this guide, you will find step by step ways in which you can fix the dreaded Error 0x20010006

How To Fix Error 0x20010006

To start, there a few ways in which you can resolve Error 0x20010006; however, players should note in certain circumstances, the problem can be out of their control. 

That said, if none of these solutions fix Error 0x2001006 for you, it may be a server issue, and at that point, you can only wait for the problem to be solved by Rockstar. You should also check to see if the Rockstar servers are down before doing any of the steps below. Now with that out of the way, follow the steps below to fix Error 0x2001006.

  • Relaunch online mode – If the Rockstar servers are not down, try returning to the main menu, and then relaunch the online mode.
  • Reboot the game – Next, if relaunching the mode doesn’t solve the issue, do a complete game reboot.
  • Restart router – After trying rebooting the game, and it still hasn’t solved your Error 0x2001006 problem for you, try either rebooting or resetting your router. 
  • Turn on UPnP – You can also check and see if UPnP is not enabled; if this is the case, it could be why you are experiencing issues. Check your router settings to find the option to turn UPnP on.
  • Forward ports – If your router doesn’t support UPnP, you will need to forward the ports used by the game; to do this, access your router settings menu. 

Using the fixes laid out in this guide, you should be able to fix the Error 0x2001006. For more on Red Dead Redemption, check out the game page for helpful guides and news stories.

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