If you encounter a workshop item version is different than server’s error in Project Zomboid, you are not alone. This workshop error is common when Project Zomboid receives an update or mods become out of date. 

To fix the workshop item version is different than server’s error, you need to update your mods or remove them. Start by locating and deleting the following folder called 108600. 

  • Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent108600 

After deleting the folder above, find and delete a file called appworkshop_108600.acf. You can find this file in the Steam workshop folder itself.

Restart steam once the acf file is deleted and let the mods redownload. Following these steps will allow players to join servers after updating the mods, but there are a few more steps if you are hosting the server.

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If you are the host, locate the Project Zomboid game folder and delete the 108600 folder. You can find the 108600 folder at the address shown below.

  • ProjectZomboidsteamappsworkshopcontent108600 

After deleting the 108600 folder follow the steps below:

  • Delete the appworkshop_108600.acf file located in the game’s workshop folder 
  • Once both are deleted, let the mods redownload.
  • After the mods finish downloading, copy the 108600 into the Project Zomboid’s workshop content folder.
  • Copy appworkshop_108600.acf from the Steam workshop folder into the Project Zomboid workshop folder.

When you finish with the steps above, you will be able to play on your Project Zomboid server without seeing the workshop item version error. 

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