Overwatch 2 is here and ready for action, giving the gameplay and aesthetics of the original Overwatch a shiny new coat of paint and overhaul. But with any new launch, there are bound to be issues, and Overwatch 2 is no exception. One that is particularly frustrating, and one you may be looking to fix quickly, is the LC-208 Disconnected from game server error in Overwatch 2.

How to fix the LC-208 Disconnected from game server error in Overwatch 2

The most common culprit behind the error LC-208 Disconnected from the game server in Overwatch 2 is your internet connection. Verify that your internet is working fine, and restart your network if needed. You can also perform internet connections on your PC and console to verify that they have a strong enough connection to the internet.

Another issue could be that your Battle.net account is not properly synced with your Overwatch 2 account. This is more common for players on consoles, and you will want to follow Blizzard’s guide for connecting your console to your Battle.net account.

If you are still having issues disconnecting from Overwatch 2 mid-match, you can try altering your internet connection settings according to Blizzard’s recommendations. You should also check the server status of Overwatch 2 through the Overwatch Twitter and verify there isn’t an ongoing issue or server maintenance.

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