One of the most common error codes that players run into when starting up Minecraft is the Terracotta error. This error pops up for players as the game tries to connect to the servers, before you’re able to play, which makes a lot of people think it’s a server/connectivity error.

While that can be the case, this error is better classified as a login error. At some point when trying to confirm your account login details, the process is interrupted. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine what causes the interruption. However, there are still a few options to fix the problem.

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  • Logout/Login
    • Pocket Edition: If you have the Xbox App installed on your device, log out of it completely and log back in. This usually fixes the problem for Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you don’t have the Xbox App, then download it, and login. Then, try connecting to Minecraft with the same account in which you logged in to the Xbox App.
    • All other versions: Log out of your account on the game itself and completely shut down the game. Restart the game and log in again.
  • Migrate Accounts
    • The Terracotta issue seems to happen most often for people who have not migrated their Mojang accounts to the Microsoft platform. Go to the Minecraft Help Page for account migration and follow the steps listed. When you’ve completed this, try logging back into the game.
  • Basic Troubleshooting
    • Go through basic troubleshooting for your device and game:
      • Confirm account information is correct.
      • Restart your game, Xbox App service, and device.
      • Ensure your Minecraft Launcher and game are up to date.

Since this is one of those error codes that can usually be fixed by trying again, there isn’t a lot of in-depth troubleshooting available for it. If the options above do not resolve the issue for you, try contacting the Minecraft Support Team to resolve the issue.

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