One of the most annoying bugs affecting players ever since the release of Apex Legends is the Infinite Loading Screen. Unlike other bugs or errors, this problem does not have a defined root cause and may arise due to various issues either on the client or server side. Some of the most common fixes for the Infinite Loading Screen include changing your game server, verifying the integrity of your game files, and running Apex Legends with admin rights.

Best Working Solutions to fix Infinite Loading Screen in Apex Legends

  • Verifying the integrity of game files: The most common solution for the error at hand is to verify your game files. Verifying files repairs any faulty files and updates any missing patches.
  • Reducing network load: Do not run any application or use any devices while gaming, as poor internet bandwidth may cause the screen to loop infinitely. 
  • Changing your game server: Sometimes, some of the servers may be under maintenance or buggy, and the game keeps on looping on your screen. Press the Esc button or Start button on your respective platform and swap servers manually to the nearest one. 
  • Log in from a different account: If you have received any ban or suspension, the game servers will not allow you to log in. In such scenarios, try to log into the game from a different account apart from your primary one. Also, check your email from EA regarding any such suspensions. 
  • Optimizing Settings: Optimizing your Apex Legends Settings will allow you to load resources much faster and avoid the loop if it’s due to a memory loading issue. 
  • Running the game with admin rights: If you are on a PC, providing admin rights to the game client may solve the issue related to allocating resources. Also, give a High priority status to Apex Legends from the Task Manager.
  • Reinstall Apex Legends: If none of the above solutions work for you, reinstall the game on your respective platform. As a last resort, you can contact Apex Legends Support for a custom-tailored solution to the issue.

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