Those looking to experience the joys of aquatic life will be delighted in the recently released I am Fish. Unfortunately for some, this fun is being spoiled by an irritating bug. This bug only seems to occur on Xbox and specifically with Xbox controllers.

At the title screen, you are asked to press any button. But this does nothing. Pressing any button does not work and players are stuck on the title screen for I am Fish. While this is frustrating, a temporary fix has been found.

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Simply restarting your console seems to fix the issue. Some users have reported that this does not work every time so you may need to restart several times to bypass this annoying bug and the title screen. Developer Bossa Studios is aware of the issue and looking into finding a permanent solution to this. You can see their official statement on Twitter below.

Hopefully, Bossa Studios can get a patch or update out soon that fixes I am Fish not working on Xbox. Staring at the title screen taunting you to press any button can be frustrating, but try restarting your Xbox until a fix has been put out. And keep swimming fellow fishes!

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