After Genshin Impact‘s 1.6 update went live on June 8, 2021, PC players began reporting not being able to log into their game via Facebook. The issue was so severe that the window to input the player’s email address and password wasn’t even appearing, leaving many players frustrated that they were unable to access the new content in Midsummer Island Adventure (and, you know, use their precious daily Original Resin).

If you experienced this issue and were worried that the problem was with your own device or network settings, fear not—the Facebook login error seems to have been occurring on the developer’s side, meaning that something went wrong on miHoYo’s end rather than on your own.

Thankfully, this issue should be resolved now. MiHoYo has released the following statement in regards to the Facebook login error:

Starting from 2021/06/08 22:30, due to an issue with Facebook account services, some Travelers have been unable to log into the game normally on PC through their Facebook account. This issue has been resolved on 2021/06/10 02:00. For Travelers who have encountered this issue, please open the Launcher and update the game.

If Travelers still encounter this issue after the update, please try closing the account login window on the login screen, reopen it, and log in with your Facebook account.

If the issue persists, Travelers can report the issue to us via [email protected]

There you have it! Hopefully everyone is now able to log into Genshin Impact to hit the beach with Klee, Jean, and Barbara. Make sure to use sunscreen!

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