The Cycle: Frontier is a PvPvE competitive quest shooter game available on PC. As an online multiplayer title, the game allows you to team up and play with your friends. If you are unable to access your friends list in the game, this guide will help you fix this issue immediately.

The Cycle: Frontier how to fix friends list not showing up

If you are having trouble accessing your friends list and adding friends in The Cycle: Frontier, follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

  • First, restart your game, then restart your device if the issue persists. The glitch can be due to an improper game launch and can be fixed by restarting the game or your PC.
  • Next up, make sure that your Steam profile is public. The process for this is as follows:
    • Click on your username in the top-right corner and select View my profile.
    • Choose Edit Profile and head over to the Privacy Settings tab.
    • Set the available options—My Profile, Game Details, Friends List, and Inventory—to Public.

Hopefully, this will fix the issue and you will be able to access your friends list and invite them over successfully. If the problem still persists, you can try contacting the game’s support team. This is a common problem that originates from within the game files, and the developers are working on its fix.

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