With any new title, there are bound to be unexpected issues regardless of the developer or what game it is. This is, unfortunately, the case for FIFA 23, which is being plagued by one particular issue. This is an issue coming from the 10-hour trail for FIFA 23, giving players the message Anti Cheat ‘Secure Boot is not Enabled’. This may leave you wondering how to solve this issue in FIFA 23.

How to fix the Anti Cheat ‘Secure Boot is not Enabled’ error in FIFA 23

Unfortunately, there is no true way to fix the Anti Cheat ‘Secure Boot is not Enabled” error in FIFA 23. EA Games has not officially given players a way to solve this issue, but there is a roundabout way that may help you. This is through the Administrator setting, but it may not guarantee a fix. Here is how to solve the ‘Secure Boot is Not Enabled’ Anti Cheat issue in FIFA 23.

  • Right-click on the Origin App and FIFA 23 shortcut.
  • Select properties.
  • Go to Compatibility.
  • Choose “Run This Program As An Administrator.”

With luck, this will fix the issue, and FIFA 23 will run smoothly. When running FIFA 23 in Administrator mode, it may take longer to boot up than normal. If this does not solve the ‘Secure Boot is not Enabled’ error, your other option would be to uninstall and reinstall FIFA 23, but this is unlikely to work. EA Games will likely solve the issue; it just may take them some time.

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