If you are running into problems with a Fatal error when trying to play Scum, you can fix it with a few troubleshooting steps. In short, we recommend running through a series of troubleshooting steps to narrow down the list of possible causes for the Fatal error. Keep running through steps until you find one that fixes the problem. That said, here is what we recommend starting with to fix the Fatal error on startup issue in Scum.

Solutions to fix Fatal error on startup in Scum

To fix the Fatal error on startup in Scum, we recommend trying the following fixes until you find one that manages to solve the error:

  • Restart your game, then restart your PC
  • Verify Steam files
  • Delete your save game files
  • Update your graphics card

Begin with restarting your game followed by restarting your PC, as both are the most simple fixes to try and can sometimes solve specific game issues. If restarting your PC and game didn’t work, move on to the more advanced fixes below.

How to verify Scum Steam Files

To verify the Steam files for Scum, you must right-click on the game inside your Steam Library. Right-clicking Scum will display a list of options. Ignore all of them except for the one called Properties. Under the Properties tab for Scum, you can verify your Steam files by using the option verify integrity of game files under the Local Files tab. Verifying the integrity of game files for Scum will have the Steam app run a check for any missing files. If the check finds missing files, let it download, then relaunch the game when it finishes. 

How to delete your Scum save game files

To delete your Scum save game files, you must navigate to the game’s Appdata folder. You can find the folder at an address like the one listed below:

  • Scum Save File location: C:UsersyourpcnameAppDataLocalSCUMSaved

Once you delete your saved game files, have Steam Verify the integrity of game files. After doing so, relaunch Scum, and it should launch as normal. 

Update your graphics card driver

The final fix to try is to update your graphics card driver. You can update your graphics card by uninstalling your current driver using a program such as DDU. After uninstalling your graphics card driver, download the latest version from your card’s manufacturer. Nvidia users can find their drivers at sites such as Nvidia Geforce, and AMD users can download their cards from AMD. 

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