After the launch of the FUT 23 in the FIFA web app yesterday, players are busy completing the SBC or Squad Building challenges to earn rewards in-game. While most of the challenges in the first and second foundations are easy to finish, some people are finding a tough time completing the England versus Germany challenge due to the inability to submit their squad. Don’t worry! It is not something to do with your team but a glitch inside the FIFA web app that does not accept your side. Still, there is a secret bypass through which you can finish the prescribed SBC challenge.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

To fix the Failed to Submit error in FIFA 23, you must select your centermost CM/CDM and replace it with a player with no chemistry or off chemistry with respect to your entire squad. You can immediately see the exclamation mark under that player card to reflect the less chemistry scenario. Build the rest of the squad according to the challenge and click on the submit button. The trick is mainly aimed at solving the England vs Germany SBC challenge, but you can also implement the technique for other challenges that refuses to acknowledge your team.

Apart from the above solution, some players have found success by simply swapping out one or two players from the squad and hitting the submit button after five minutes.

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