Back 4 Blood is the most recent release from Turtle Rock Studios. The developers responsible for the famous classic, Left 4 Dead are back and ready to throw players into their latest cooperative adventure. While players have eagerly anticipated getting their hands on this title, some are experiencing issues with getting signed in.

There are several methods players can try when aiming to alleviate their error message. Try the following fixes below:

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  • Check the the official Back 4 Blood page and see if any maintenance is taking place.
    • Because Back 4 Blood is the latest release from Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind the cooperative shooter will undoubtedly be conducting maintenance to improve stability and fix issues as they appear. As an always-online release, anytime there is maintenance, Back 4 Blood’s servers may go offline. Make sure to see if the problem is on the developers side.
  • Restart Back 4 Blood
    • The failed sign-in error may occur if the game is left on too long without player interaction. Try rebooting the application to see if this alleviates the issue.
  • Check your internet connection
    • As an online-only experience, Back 4 Blood requires a consistent internet connection. We suggest monitoring the your internet speed. If problems persist, try resetting your router before attempting another sign-in.
  • Contact the Back 4 Blood support team
    • If all else fails, it’s best to speak to the Back 4 Blood support staff, as they’ll often have the best understanding on how to aid players. Be sure to select the following link if the previous suggestions haven’t helped get your game running to report a bug: Back 4 Blood bug page.

Back 4 Blood is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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