Guardians of the Galaxy is ready and waiting for all those interested in playing it. The Marvel game has surprised fans and critics alike with a refreshing take on the team, but some have reported errors running the game on Steam. So how can players fix the missing executable error on the Steam client?

To fix the Error: Missing Executable, players will need to Verify their game files. Players can alleviate this issue by completing the following steps:

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  • Open the Steam Client
  • Head to the Library section and right click on Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Select the Properties option
  • Select Local Files from the following menu
  • Click on the Verify intergrity of game files option

Completing these steps should allow Steam to verify the user license and locate any missing update files that the game has yet to install.

If problems persist, try restarting your Steam client and checking for any updates that the service may not yet have installed on your PC.

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