Some Nintendo Switch owners have been hit with the error code 2137-7504 while trying to connect to the Nintendo eShop. The error prevents some players from accessing their eShop and disallows them to download any games they already own.

The error code specifically means that the Nintendo eShop or the Switch Online servers are currently down. The issue hasn’t do with anything on the player’s end – this is a problem on Nintendo’s servers. If you are facing this problem, there is nothing that you can do to fix it. You have to wait for Nintendo to fix it themselves on its end.

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Servers being down is not an uncommon occurrence, as stuff like that happens all the time. Maintenance on servers usually helps alleviate this problem, which is why companies often voluntarily shut servers down to repair them. However, some issues go under notice and end up crashing servers in the end.

Oftentimes this happens when a large group of people tries accessing the server simultaneously, overburdening the servers and causing them to crash. Though in this case, it’s not known what caused the server to shut down and for players to receive error code 2137-7504.

Keep checking on Pro Game Guides for when Nintendo fixes error code 2137-7504, and to read more about Nintendo read more articles like Best Nintendo Switch Holiday Gifts.

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