It’s no secret that streaming sites suffer from the same hiccups as other websites. When trying to use Twitch, these errors can be especially frustrating. Luckily, there are quite a few methods you can try to get around Error Code 2000 and get back to streaming.

Error Code 2000 occurs when Twitch indicates that you are using an insecure connection. As frustrating as the code is, it’s actually one of the many safety measures the site puts to protect you. Generally, this problem can be easily and quickly remedied.

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First off, simply test your internet connection to verify everything is flowing properly. Once you do, you can begin the problem-solving steps.

Here is what you need to try if you are seeing Error Code 2000:

  • Try refreshing your stream.
  • Empty your browser cache, you can do this by simply choosing to wipe your history in your browser of choices settings.
  • Log-out and back in.
  • Disable all of your browser extensions.
  • Check your anti-virus, it may be flagging Twitch as a problem.
  • Download the desktop version of Twitch if you are just using your browser.
  • Turn-off your ad-blockers.
  • Try connecting using a different browser.

Generally, the above solutions will work. If all of this fails, then it’s time to reset your modem, as the problem is likely on your end.

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