With Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releasing on Dec. 7, a rush of players has caused massive queues and connection issues. One of the most frustrating errors is Error 3001, which occurs as players are attempting to log in. Players will receive an Error 3001 and then be kicked from the game.

To fix this error, the most common solution is to restart the game. The current cause of the error is related to overloaded servers. As explained in a post on the Final Fantasy XIV official website an Error 3001 occurs when a server mistakenly allows a player to log-on over the server’s hard player cap. Error 3001 kicks multiple people at a time and can be very frustrating.

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A second cause to the Error 3001 related only to the Tonberry World in the Elemental data centre. On that server, large numbers of chat messages were causing issues with other World visits. This triggered the Error 3001. Again, sadly, the only solution to this was to restart the game and attempt to queue again.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has been a success, receiving critical acclaim, huge numbers of new players, and an overall positive response. Unfortunately with errors like Error 3001, some player experience is ruined, with no obvious solution.

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In the aforementioned blog post on the Final Fantasy XIV website, the game’s director and producer Naoki Yoshida apologized to players and outlined plans to fix all the issues surrounding the game’s queues and errors. As we get further from Endwalker’s release date, expect these errors to continue to decrease.

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