To fix the Dying Light 2 sound bug, you will need to try restarting your game. Doing so has been the only confirmed way to get sound working again in Dying Light 2.

Start by exiting to the main menu and then reloading your save game. After reloading your game, Dying Light 2’s sound bug should be fixed. If this is not the case for you, try exiting the game entirely and relaunching and loading your save game. 

If you still get the Dying Light 2 sound bug, try reinstalling the game next. Reinstalling and restarting your game will work for PC and console, but the next step is for PC users only. 

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PC users can try updating their audio driver by going into Device Manager. You can find Device Manager by typing Device Manager into the Windows search bar at the bottom-left of your screen.

Under Device Manager, find Audio Inputs and Outputs and right-click each device under it, then click Update Driver. Doing so allows you to update all of your audio drivers and fix the sound bug in Dying Light 2. 

If you still get errors even after this last step, it’s most likely because the sound bug is something only the developers can fix. Luckily, they are aware of the problem, and we should see a fix for the issue in a later update.

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