If you are trying to play Dead By Daylight recently, chances are you are running into a troublesome error that gives you a pop-up that says no network connection. The pop-up would also state that a network connection is required to access Dead By Daylight. Players have also reported issues where they disconnected from servers as well.

Network connection errors are nothing new and often comes around and rears it’s ugly head whenever new content gets added to the game. So don’t worry, it’s most likely not your internet connection or network that is the problem. 

But if you want to fix the no network connection error and disconnects in Dead by Daylight, you will first need to check sites such as downdetector. This website will display whenever Dead By Deadlight encounters issues with servers and display comments from fellow users who are experiencing problems. 

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Checking any social media for the game via Twitter and Steam is also a good option. The developers will usually tweet or post something if the servers are experiencing problems.

So, if you find that the down detector website or social media shows or says that Dead By Deadlight is currently down, then all you can do is wait for the servers to come back up. 

However, if you don’t see anything regarding the servers being down and you are still encountering problems, it may actually be a clientside issue. If you suspect this is the case, you can always try restarting your route as sometimes it can resolve internet issues.

Another fix includes checking your internet connection for any issues via a site like fast.com or restarting either your system or the game. Verifying Steam files and closing the game, and Steam and relaunching have also been reported to work and fixed the no connection error in Dead By Daylight.

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