Back 4 Blood was finally released on Oct. 12, 2021, and it immediately drew in droves of players who have been anticipating the game’s release. As it goes with new game releases, the influx of new players has increased stress on the server, leading to many of us running into the issue where we get disconnected from the server regardless of what kind of match we’re in. In this guide, we explain the different things you can try to get around this error.

Option One: Check the server status.

There is a good chance that the disconnect might be caused by issues on the server. Using the links below, check the server status for the game based on which platform you’re using.

  • Xbox: Server Status
  • PlayStation: Server Status
  • Steam: Server Status

Option Two: Check your internet.

If you aren’t able to connect to anything on the device on which you are playing the game, run some basic troubleshooting steps to get the connection working properly. Secure any network cables, allow usage for it on any firewalls, and make sure your internet connection itself is working as it should.

Option Three: Check for updates.

This is a fairly frequent problem that not many people realize. If you don’t have the latest update/patch for the game, it will disconnect you from any server you try to join. Most devices should automatically install an update when it’s available, but if you’re playing on Windows PC or if you disable automatic updates, you might have to force them. Go to the store page on the device you’re using (on the platform that you bought it) and force it to update the game. If it performs any kind of update, try playing again to see if you stay connected.

Option Three: Grant permissions.

When the game first starts, it may force a prompt on your screen that asks you to grant it permission to access your network. To connect to the matchmaking services, you need to press Yes/Accept when this prompt shows up on your screen. This goes for both prompts that require access for Back 4 Blood and prompts that require access for Easy Anti-Cheat.

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Option Four: Disable Crossplay.

Some players have an issue connecting their device to players on other devices. While this usually should not cause an issue, it’s possible that the game still has some bugs in the code when communicating between two different devices, so you can try disabling this option to get around them. However, this is usually not recommended since crossplay makes matchmaking easier more often than not.

Option Four: Change to your computer’s primary drive.

This option applies only to those who have installed their game on a drive other than the main drive for their computer (which is usually the C:/ drive). The game uses Easy Anti-Cheat for its anti-cheat software, which has been known to have some compatibility issues with games that are not installed on a computer’s primary drive. This can (very rarely) cause you to get disconnected from a server you’re on. If you have tried the other options, try moving your game to your primary drive to see if that resolves the issue.

Option Six: Reinstall the game.

This is a worst-case scenario, as it means that there was some issue with the install that caused the code to not work properly. You can try re-installing the game. Make sure it installs properly by allowing for an uninterrupted download and install (don’t do it on a poor internet connection). When it is fully installed, you should have all the most recent patches and updates that resolve issues that might interfere with the connection.

Those are all the options to resolve this issue! If you continue to have problems, try contact the support team on the Back 4 Blood official site.

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