To fix the Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 Data Corrupted error, you will need to try uninstalling the game off your console. Uninstalling is the only potential fix you can try to solve the Data Corrupted error. Beyond uninstalling Cyberpunk 2077, there is not much else you can do to fix the error.

Luckily the developers have stated they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. You can find the statement given via the support page at the official support site. That said, to uninstall the game and delete it, find Cyberpunk 2077 in your PlayStation’s game menu.

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Once you find Cyberpunk 2077, hit the options menu button on your controller. Doing so will display a set of options, one of which will be a delete option. Select this delete option, and then reinstall the game.

Find Cyberpunk 2077 under your game library and click on the download option to reinstall the game. After the download finishes, you will be able to launch Cyberpunk 2077 with no Data Corrupted errors. If you still get the error even after reinstalling, you will need to wait for the developers to fix the error.

What is the PS4 Cyberpunk Data Corrupted Error? 

The Cyberpunk Data Corrupted Error is an issue brought on by the recent update for the game. When users download the game and update to Patch 1.5, the Player’s game will break and not launch. 

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