When initially joining a server from the Crab Game server selection screen, players have found that they often run into a problem: it takes forever to actually join the server. They end up watching the loading cycle spin around indefinitely until they just close it to try again. Luckily, there is a simple reason and easy solution for this problem.

Almost every time this happens, it’s because you are trying to join a server that is already full. It seems there is a bug with the game where it says that a server only has 38 players, when it actually has the max of 40. Thus, when you select that server, it doesn’t tell you it’s full and prevents you from entering until a spot opens up.

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To fix this problem, simply join a server with fewer people in it. It’s best to join a server that has about 20-30 people, as these are the servers that will start the games the quickest. Anything under 38 will technically work, but if you try to join a server with over 35 people, there is a good chance it will fill up before it actually lets you in.

That’s all there is to fixing this issue!

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