One issue that the PS5 can have regards corrupted save data. Losing progress in a game can be heartbreaking, and prune any desire to continue playing a game from scratch. Luckily, there are fail-safes in place on the PS5 that ensure that saved data can be restored. If you’re having problems with a corrupted save, follow these steps to recover your save file.

Step One: Select the game with a corrupted save file from the PS5 dashboard. Make sure that the disc is inserted if you’ve opted for a physical copy.

Step Two: Once the game with a corrupted save is selected, the PS5 will automatically bring up the menu shown below. Press X for Select Saved Data:

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Select which of the system’s backup data options to use when recovering data. Those with PlayStation Plus can recover data from the cloud or their system’s most recent backup save. These users should select the most recent save data available. See the image below for reference.

If the user doesn’t have PS Plus, they can only recover their console’s most recent backup data.

Step Three: Once the preferred data download is selected, press continue and wait until the console is ready to load the data. This will allow players to resume their game from the most recent backup.

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