You are not alone if you are having problems with a pesky connection lost error while playing MultiVersus. Countless users throughout the beta for MultiVersus have encountered and dealt with connection issues. Luckily, the connection lost error is easily fixed by running through a few troubleshooting steps. That said, to fix the “connection lost” error in MultiVersus, begin by restarting your game, followed by restarting your PC or console.

Solutions to fix ‘connection lost’ error in MultiVersus

However, if restarting your PC/system and the game hasn’t fixed the error, try restarting your router next. To restart your router, disconnect all wires from the back and wait for around 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, plug the cables back in, wait for your router/modem to turn back on and establish connection, and try to play the game again. If you encounter the “connection lost” error again, we recommend switching to a wired connection if you use Wi-Fi and vice versa. Another fix you can try involves checking your internet connection via a speed test site and contacting your ISP if you find any abnormalities with your connection.

But if your Internet connection is fine, we recommend adding the game to Windows Firewall or reinstalling the game if all else fails. To add the game to Windows Firewall, open Windows Defender Firewall and use the Allow app or feature through Windows Firewall option. But, if adding the game to your Firewall doesn’t help, try reinstalling MultiVersus. If reinstalling MultiVersus doesn’t fix the connection loss issue, then you need to contact customer support for the game. 

How to check if MultiVersus servers are down

One of the common causes of players losing connections from games is often that the servers for the game are down, and MultiVersus is no exception. If you want to check if the MultiVersus servers are down, you can check Twitter. You can find updates on the servers’ status at the official Twitter accounts for MultiVersus’s game director and the official MultiVersus account. 

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