Discord is an invaluable way of communicating for gamers, communities, and businesses. But when it goes down, it can be incredibly annoying. Especially when you get vague errors like the “Cloudflare service interruption error” on the program. So, how do you fix this Cloudflare issue?

Cloudflare is a web infrastructure company that helps Discord by providing network services. When a Cloudflare issue occurs, such as Cloudflare service interruption error, it’s usually tied to the company. It could be an issue with their servers or a wider network issue.

To check, you should head to a website like Downdetector first to confirm it’s a wider issue and not just an issue you’re experiencing. You can also double check any connection issues by checking out Discord’s Twitter account. The Discord team usually posts updates about any interruptions to their services on Twitter and on Discord’s website.

If there’s not an ongoing server issue on their side, you should next check your own network. Make sure your ISP isn’t experiencing any issues, and change the network if you’re able. Reset your router and double check any connections.

Additionally, you should double check any firewalls, and make sure Discord has an exception. You may need to enable an exception for both Public and Private networks.

Finally, you should see if the issues persists between other versions of Discord. If you’re on the mobile or browser version, you should switch to the desktop app, and vice versa. Cloudflare issues are usually a temporary outage and are commonly resolved within a few hours.

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