It is no secret that Battlefield 2042 has witnessed a rough launch. From game-crashing bugs to rendering problems, the game has countless technical issues that can be attributed to the game’s unfinished state. Slowly but surely, the developers are working on perfecting the latest Battlefield.

One of the most annoying bugs on PC is the black screen error you get on launching Battlefield 2042. Follow the steps shown below until you successfully solve this problem:

  • Try running the game via Origin if you are using the EA Desktop App.
  • Click on the Gear icon located next to the Play button. Select the Repair option and wait for the client to check the game files. This step solves the problem in most cases.
  • If any, turn off the Anti-Virus application or Virus and Threat Protection from Windows Settings. Windows Security can sometimes interfere with the application and cause this bug. If not, turn the settings back on.
  • If nothing works, you’ll have to reinstall the complete game.

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This black screen error fix has worked for many players and should most likely resolve your issue too. In case you have tried every possible solution out there and still cannot run Battlefield, you should try contacting EA Support.

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