Riders Republic has just launched and already has thousands of people on its servers. You will not be bored if you pick up this game as there is so much to do! However, with it being a new release, there’s bound to be a glitch or two…

Currently, when coming out of backtracking or loading into a different sport, for example, switching from the Snowmobile to your Mountain Bike, you can sometimes get stuck in the glitchy looking black and white effect that happens when you backtrack.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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When backtracking, this effect is purposeful but sometimes seems to freeze when you have come out of it.

To undo this, you simply need to Backtrack Again or Re-Switch to your Bike, Snowboard, etc. It can take a few times, but the game will load in properly after a little while, and you will no longer look like you are trapped between Kansas and the land of Oz!

Hopefully, with time this will be noticed by Ubisoft, and you will stop occurring. Thankfully it does not affect the gameplay; it can just be a little distracting when your character has loaded back in monotone. It’s a look, but it doesn’t quite show off my pink bear onesie!

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