Among Us has been facing issues with its iOS version. The game states Authorization Failure when players try to log in, and it’s bothering everyone on Apple devices.

Most users have said that the methods below have fixed their issues:

  • Check if the problem is resolved by resetting your router
  • Try restarting your Apple device and see if it helps fix any multiplayer issues
  • If necessary, upgrade your internet speed. This is only an issue if you’re using 3G or a very slow internet connection.

Users are dealing with one of the three when trying to access multiplayer for the game:

  • Getting kicked out in the middle of games with the text Authorization Failure appearing.
  • Not being able to load multiplayer with the same screen that shows Authorization Failure keeps popping up.

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Currently, no known fix works for everyone, but following the above steps can help. This issue does not affect those with Android or other consoles, so this is most likely an iOS issue.

The Among Us team has been on holiday since Dec. 17, so any patches that are needed will have to wait until they return.

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