In Total War: Warhammer 3, a game where you move thousands of troops around a fantasy world, the game getting stuck can really ruin things. One of the ways players have got stuck in-game is soft-locking when the game still plays but won’t let you finish or advance your turn.

The best method is to first press Ctrl+S to quickly save your game and then close and reload to solve a soft lock. This solves soft locks the majority of the time. Sometimes a soft lock won’t allow you to save, but the game also autosaves after most turns, so you won’t lose too much progress. If you’ve turned auto saves off, you won’t have these features.

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To try and avoid soft locks, you can run the game at lower graphical settings. This seems to allow the game to run smoother in general, preventing soft locking.

Soft locking most often happens during a narrative campaign. When the campaign wants you to do something before allowing you to end your turn, completing that action or objective will sometimes fail to trigger the ability to end your turn. When this happens, the game becomes soft-locked. However, it can also occur during multiplayer.

The best way to prevent issues with soft locking is to be safe regularly and often. This way, if a dreaded soft-lock occurs, you won’t lose too much of your progress. 

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