With the newest update for August 2021, Rust has added the ability for players to go fishing. Read more below to figure out how to get started!

Get Bait

To fish in Rust, you will need bait. There may be some items you can already use in your inventory, like your food. If you want to get specific bait (grubs and worms, for example), you need to start planting. When harvesting your plants, you have a chance of finding bait to use.


You’ll need to acquire the Handmade Fishing Rod in order to fish in the game. You should be able to buy it from an outpost vending machine for 80 Scrap. Once you have the rod, find an area to fish, like pictured above. Consider where you fish. You can’t catch a freshwater creature in the ocean, for example.

Note: Right now, we only have information on fishing controls for PC, not console.

The controls for fishing are pretty easy. Find your desired area, and aim your rod with a right click. When you feel you have aimed well, use the left click to cast the fishing rod. If you need to adjust your position, use A & D to move around. When your bobber goes under, use S to reel it in.

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What to Do With Fish

There are many things you can do with what you catch. You can sometimes even fish up scrap! For hunger, fish can be cooked and eaten. It can also be gutted out for a chance to get more items. Most importantly, if you don’t want to eat or gut your fish, find a shopkeeper. You can sell your fish to them for scrap.

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