My Time at Sandrock is a life simulator where you have the freedom to do basically whatever you want. There are plenty of activities to do, including building, farming, exploring, and of course, fishing. Fishing is a relaxing activity that also provides rewards. This may leave you wondering how to fish in My Time at Sandrock.

To fish in My Time at Sandrock, you will need a Sandfish Trap (read how to craft below). Once you have this item, you can approach fishing holes like the one to the east of your workshop. Interact with the fishing hole and you can throw the Sandfish Trap at the fish. Using bait will cause them to pause for a moment and be easier to catch.

Where to unlock fishing in My Time at Sandrock

You will not be able to fish until you receive the World of Sandfishing quest from Owen. This is available after a few days and will give you the recipe to craft a Sandfish Trap. To complete the quest, you simply need to catch three Sand Carp and bring them to Owen.

How to craft Sandfish Traps

You must go to your workbench to craft a Sandfish Trap. You will need:

  • Two Copper Bars
  • Two Wooden Sticks
  • One Thick Rope

Once you’ve crafted a Sandfish Trap, head to a fishing hole and catch yourself some fish. These can be used in recipes or sold for Gol. Don’t forget to bring some bait to make it easier on yourself.

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