First of all, you will need to find a fishing rod to go fishing. You will be rewarded one pretty early on in the campaign of Far Cry 6 after completing the mission “Fuel The Revolution” on a prologue island of Isla Santuario.

You can get a Fishing Rod in the prologue section of the game, and then it will be permanently added to your inventory at the bottom left corner of the weapon wheel that you can turn on and off by holding L1 on PS5, LB on Xbox consoles, or Q on PC.

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Then all you need to do is find a water pool, like a sea or a big lake, throw your rod and follow the control instructions.

  • R2/RT/RMB Cast Line (Press)
  • L2/LT/LMB Reel Line (Hold)
  • Counter the fish’s movement by dragging your Right Stick or Mouse in the opposite direction if the fish.
  • Enjoy your catch!

To heighten your chances of fishing for specific or rare fish, you will need to invest in some Fishing Rod upgrades and upgrade Fishing Hut at one of your camps.

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