Fishing in Fantasy Life Online works a bit differently than it did in the original Fantasy Life and is one of the hardest gathering lives to master. This guide will explain the different actions players can take while fishing, and how to fish in Fantasy Life Online with the greatest results.

Players must have an Angler in their party to fish. This can either be a character pulled from Summoning, or unlocked by starting the Angler life for the player character. Once unlocked, the main character does not need to remain an Angler in order to fish as long as they have a Fishing Rod equipped in their Tools.

Fishing Basics

Fish appear as shadows in bodies of water, and a fishing rod icon will appear over the player’s head once they have reached an area they can fish. Tap this icon to cast lines from all Anglers into the party into the water. The more Anglers in the party, the greater the chance of success.

There are 3 different actions required by players in order to catch a fish, and one optional one:

  • Tap: Players must rapidly tap the screen
  • Red Arrows: Players must drag and hold in the direction the red arrows point
  • Blue Arrows: Players must quickly drag in the direction of the blue arrows, then release
  • Charged Pull (optional): Players can tap and hold the screen, then release to use a charged attack to further tire a fish.

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While fishing, a health bar will appear above the fish, and a meter will appear on the screen. In order to catch a fish, the health bar must be depleted, but the more actions a player takes the higher the Stamina Meter will rise. If this meter reaches its max, the fish will break the line and escape. Tapping and Red Arrows will cause the meter to rise slowly, while the longer players hold a Blue Arrow will cause the meter to rapidly rise.

Rods, Skills, Helpers

The type of Fishing Rod, License Level of the player character, and the Skills unlocked for Summoned characters also play a big part in fishing. It is recommended that players use a 4-Star or 5-Star Fishing Rod while leveling up in the Angler life, in order to catch the best fish. This will also make the fishing of lower-level fish almost instantaneous.

As mentioned above, the more Anglers in a player’s party will also make fishing easier, as each Angler helps to catch each fish.

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