Dinkum is a life simulator game that takes place in the wilderness and landscape of the Australian continent. The town-building game allows players to perform a variety of activities such as mining, farming, hunting, and fishing. Here’s a guide on how to fish in Dinkum.

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How to catch fish in Dinkum

If you want to fish in Dinkum, you will first need a Fishing License. You can get this and any other license from Fletch in exchange for Permit Points. Permit Points are the in-game blue currency that players can earn by completing Milestones, which they can find and track within their journal.

Now that you have your Fishing License, you need to buy a Fishing Rod from a shopkeeper such as John for 1,260 coins. After acquiring the Fishing Rod, head over to a nearby river or water source and look for fish. The real fishing activity begins once you spot fish in the water.

Equip your Fishing Rod and cast the line by pressing left-click on your mouse. Moreover, the line can be cast further by holding the input for a longer duration. You need to use the same button to reel in any fish that you have caught. Alternatively, press the right-click mouse input to cancel the cast.

Once you’ve cast the line, the fish will take a moment before it fully commits to the bait. Initially it will nibble on the bait, but you have to be patient and not do anything. You should only start reeling in the line after the fish gets hooked, which you will know by the splash effect in the water.

Now comes the most important part of fishing in Dinkum: reeling in the fish. Only reel in when the fish isn’t fighting back and is staying still. Be patient and just leave the mouse button when the fish starts swimming away else the line will break and you will lose the fish.

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