If you are wondering how to fire a low-performing or troublesome employee from your Startup Business in BitLife, it is simple. To fire an employee, you need to have access to the CEO Business Job tab under the Job/Occupation option. Under the CEO of (your business name), you must look for an option called Employees. Clicking the Employees option will present a list of all employees currently working at your Business. However, to fire one of these employees, you must click on their name to open their Relationship tab. Opening an employee’s Relationship Tab will display several options; one of these options is a Fire option that you can use to get rid of them.

That said, you should only fire an employee if they did a fireable offense or have little to no competence. If you fire an employee who performs decently without warning, you may get sued for wrongful termination. Luckily you can avoid lawsuits by checking an employee’s competence. 

How to check Employee Competence in BitLife

You can check employee competence by visiting an employee’s relationship tab under the Employee menu option. Under the Employee menu option, click on an employee and look at the top of the next page. As shown above, you can see the level of competence at the top of the page. We highly recommend only firing employees who have little to no competence or ones who do crazy actions like dumping coffee on your desk on purpose.

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