If you ever find yourself wandering into the basement of the Defender’s Heart, you can find one of the several companions in the game locked away in a cell. 

The companion’s name is Wolf, and talking to him will start a quest called the stolen moon, where you will need to identify a Tiefling Traitor. The traitor is a Tiefling who fits a specific description.

To identify the traitor, you will need to head to the hideout and then talk to Irabeth back at the Defender’s Heart. She will give you the location of the shop, that you will learn that the Tieflings tried to rob. 

She will also tell you about her informant that betrayed the Tieflings, who had large horns – remember this, it is important. 

That said, head to the shop as shown above and locate a golem’s head as shown below. If you spoke to Irabeth, you would learn that you will need to say a specific password in order to get the golem to talk to you. The password is Hand hand of Iori.

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After telling the golem the password, proceed to ask the golem all questions about the Tieflings that came to rob the place, and you will eventually get a few suspects.

You will learn that there were both Tieflings that had red hair and long horns that came to the shop and a female Tiefling who had black hair and longhorns. 

Once you learn this, you will then need to ask where the golem’s master is. The master is in the basement of the shop, but the golem is on the door to the basement. 

You will need to move the golem, but moving them requires you to pass an athletics check. To pass the check, you will need someone with decent athletics of at least eight. 

If you pass, you will move the golem’s head, and it will clear the path to the basement, head inside, and find the shop owner. You can find the shop owner inside the basement as shown below, talk to him and ask him everything he knows.

You might have to pass a speech check to get him to talk. Depending on your skills, choose the one that works for you. Eventually, he will agree to talk, and if you ask him about the Tieflings, you will learn that the Tiefling who had black hair was a noble, so they couldn’t be a traitor. 

You also learn of a suspicious Tiefling who had a green cloak and red hair that came in ask to look at something they couldn’t afford. This person is the traitor, and there is only one Tiefling who fits the description back at the hideout, the Tiefling Melroun.

Head back to the hideout and talk to Sister Kerismel and tell her the traitor is Melroun, and he will try to make a break for it, and soon after, you will complete the stolen moon quest and find the Tiefling traitor.

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