There’s plenty of side quests in Monster Hunter Stories 2, but a few of them are extremely tricky to find. One such quest is (Hard) Camouflage Expert, where you have to locate and defeat a monster.

Reading the quest information, you can find The Solemn Mountain in a particular location, the Wendwood, and only during the Afternoon.

Open up your Quest Info, and find the (Hard) Moving a Mountain. When the quest is highlighted, Press Y if using an Xbox controller, Z on PC, or X if playing on the Switch. This will open up the fast travel menu, and the location you need will be automatically selected—Wendwood. Confirm this location, and you’ll appear in the location after a short animation.

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The Solemn Mountain is a Duramboros and is located deep within Wendwood to the southeast. Head to the location shown in the image below.

Make sure you have a Speed Attack Type Monstie as your lead Monstie, and then a Power Attack Type to change into when the Duramboros becomes enraged. This will make the fight so much easier.

Because this monster has a name and has Hard in the quest title, this is not a walk-in-the-part fight. Don’t take it lightly!

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