Divide and Conquer in Expeditions: Rome can be completed by finding the secret correspondence between Theophilius and the enemy king. The player is told that the correspondence is near The Temple of Apollon, but it’s a whole city. Locating the correspondence isn’t difficult, but getting it is.

Players will find a burning temple on the far end of the city of The Temple of Apollon. The correspondence is located next to a burning temple, so players will need to stop the temple from burning.

Players need to ensure that their party starts as close to the water jugs as possible to accomplish this quickly. When close enough to a flame, throw each jug in the center of each flame.

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The flames will spread, so be sure to clear whole areas rather than pieces at a time. The 12 jugs are more than enough to stop the spread. Since throwing a jug does not cost any action points, feel free to move the characters as far as necessary to successfully throw a jug onto the fire.

At the very corner of the now safe temple, where the fire has been extinguished, you will find a chest. This chest contains Theophilus’ correspondence. Ask Syneros to forge the letter, which he will do well enough that Theophilus will meet the player alone.

It’s not too late to change the difficulty if it’s too hard. Read What difficulty should I choose? Difficulty Levels in Expeditions: Rome for more on difficulty levels! For more info, guides, and news on Expedition: Rome, stay here on Pro Game Guides!