Elden Ring recently received a Patch Update, and FromSoftware added a few new elements to the game. A new NPC named Jar-Bairn was added to the game, and players can interact with him to complete the new questline. 

Jar-Bairn is located at a hut near Jarburg Site of Grace. This area is situated under the Liurnia Tower Bridge, and it can be reached from the mountain behind Carian Study Hall. Players will have to navigate around Carian Study Hall to reach its southern side. Alternatively, players can visit the Artists Shack Site of Grace from where its a straight ride down south to reach the mountain cliff.

Where to find Jarburg and Jar-Bairn NPC

Players can follow the images above to locate the mountain cliff behind Carian Study Hall which has steps carved. You can jump on these steps to decend below towards the Jarburg. There might be other ways

After landing, players will find Jar-Bairn sitting in front of a hut just north of the Jarburg Site of Grace. Interact with him to start Jar-Bairn’s questline. This new NPC will ask players to return to him, for which all you need to do is rest at a Site of Grace, and come back to the same location.

After landing at Jarburg, players will find various Jars like Alexander, Warrior Jar, spread all across the area. We recommend you don’t attack these Jars before interacting with Jar-Bairn.

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