Pelican Town villagers in Stardew Valley will sometimes request certain things from you and give you gold or items in exchange for helping them. When your aim is to raise the level of your relationship, these things are beneficial, but sometimes it’s fun to see what the request is. We recommend the Mayor’s shorts quest because it’s hilarious, but please be discreet!

Where can I find the Mayor’s shorts in Stardew Valley?

You can find the Mayor’s shorts in Marnie’s Bedroom at Marnie’s Ranch, they’re the purple ones next to the bed. To get inside, you need at least two hearts with Marnie, so we recommend giving her gifts and talking to her daily before doing this quest. Once you get them, give them back to the Mayor.

Check your mailbox on the third day of Summer to get this quest from Mayor Lewis. In his letter to you, he explains that he cannot find them anywhere and can’t think of a place to look. They look more like boxers than shorts, but that may be one of the reasons he tells you to be discreet. We have no comment on why they’re near Marnie’s bed.

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