The Halo series is well-known for having a variety of Easter eggs scattered throughout its campaigns, which is no different for Halo Infinite. Fans are finding numerous Easter eggs in the game, such as a reference to Sesame Street, Halo character plushies, and one player has even found a giant sandwich.

You will need to use your grapple and head south of the Spire to find the giant sandwich. Here you will find a massive cave opening leading to where this Easter egg is hidden. Head to the spot marked on the map below.

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Where to find the Giant Sandwich

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Once at the cave entrance, follow the path inside. You will eventually come upon a massive cavern with several Forerunner columns in it. The one you are interested in will be left when you first enter. Grapple to the top of this and turn on your flashlight. You will see a small opening to your right on the ceiling. Grapple up and into this crevice.

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In here, you will find the Easter egg. It is a giant and pretty delicious sandwich surrounded by Grunt statues worshiping it. There is even some music playing in the background. While it doesn’t necessarily do anything, it is incredible to find stuff like this in the game.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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