The Stanley Parable: Ultimate Deluxe is full of secret endings and easter eggs. This version of the game, which was originally released in 2013, adds some new content for players to experience. One addition that players won’t want to miss is the Firewatch easter egg. Continue reading below to reach this ending.

How to reach the Firewatch easter egg

Those who have played Stanley Parable will know that each path and choice has vastly different outcomes. Players must take a very specific route to reach the Firewatch easter egg. Follow these steps to get to the Firewatch tower.

  1. When presented with the first set of doors, pass through the door on the right.
  2. Don’t go through the door on the left past the Lounge. Instead, continue to the Warehouse and hop on the Cargo Lift. When the Cargo Lift has moved about halfway across the room, jump down onto a Catwalk below. Enter the door at the end of the Catwalk.
  3. Follow this path until you see a red and blue door. Walk through the blue door three times. Keep in mind that the blue door will appear behind players after entering the second time.
  4. Continuing on, players will encounter three doors and should pass through the wooden-framed door with orange-colored walls inside.
  5. Continue following the Narrator’s prompts until another set of doors appear. Again, pass through the wooden-framed door on the right. After doing so, players can’t miss the easter egg. Simply continue following the Narrator’s dialogue until he teleports you into the Firewatch Tower.

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