If you want to find the end portal in Minecraft, you will need to find a stronghold. Inside strongholds in Minecraft, you will need to find end portals. However to find end portals you will need to make an item called an eye of ender to find these strongholds.

To make an eye of ender you will need to craft it with an ender pearl and blaze powder. You can get the blaze powder you need by crafting down blaze rods you get from Blazes, and you can get ender pearls from slaying Endermen. 

That said, if you don’t know where to find Blazes, Blazes can be found roaming nether fortresses in the nether. Endermen can be found on the overworld and in caves alongside other monsters in the game.

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When you got both materials, you will then need to place them inside a crafting table next to each other to make the eye of ender. 

After you craft the eye of ender, grab it and then head out and use it by pressing your use key. Doing so will cause the eye to fly up and head in the direction of the nearest stronghold. 

However, keep in mind this will remove the eye of ender and it will float up and point in a direction and then fall down, so you will need to pick it up again to use it.

Keep following the eye, and you will eventually locate the stronghold. Once you find the stronghold, you will need to locate a staircase. Usually you can find ender portals in chambers below the stronghold via staircases leading down – this was the case in our game.

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