In Fortnite, players will have to complete various Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Quests to earn XP and complete the battle pass. One of the Week 8 Seasonal Quests requires players to find the coolest player on the island. While this Quest can be a little tricky on the surface, it’s relatively straightforward and easy to complete. Players simply need to visit a house with a mirror and stand in front of it for a few seconds to complete this Quest. You will be rewarded with 15,000 XP instantly after completing the Quest.

Where to find the coolest player on the island in Fortnite

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

To find the coolest players on the island in Fortnite, players will need to visit a house with a mirror and stand in front of it. While almost every bathroom in Fortnite has a mirror, not all of them can be used to complete this Quest. We experimented by visiting different houses and all the POIs and found only a few spots where players can complete this Quest. The best location to get a mirror and complete this Quest is Tilted Towers.

You will need to visit any of the bathrooms at the white house shown in the image above. This house is located on the southwestern corner of Tilted Towers and has a few bathrooms with mirrors on the wall. Stand in front of the mirror to complete the Quest. Players can also visit a few other locations like Coney Crossroads or Daily Bugle, but we recommend dropping at Tilted Towers to complete this Quest quickly.

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