Horizon Forbidden West has a wealth of gameplay to keep you entertained. This can really be seen when you get into Latopolis, where you will encounter one of the game’s first puzzles. This comes in the form of a door that needs you to find a code to gain access to the next room.

The code to open the door is 7482. To input the code, simply go up to the code panel and interact with it. From there, numbers will pop up, go around the circle and select them to unlock the door.

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Where to find the code

The code can be found in a Datapoint located in a small hallway across from the door. The Datapoint is called Bad Urges and can be picked up by scanning the purple light in the hallway. Once you open the datapoint from your menu, you will be able to see the code for yourself.

Make sure to also listen to the Datapoint in the same room as the door, as it gives a look into how the fake Gaia was uploaded.

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