In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy chapter 8, the player can unlock the Bad-Lord outfit immediately after Drax jumps into the red warp drive fluid. It will appear once the player reaches the safe zone.

Once the player has followed Drax past the fluid, there will be a stone pillar directly to the player’s right. This is the key to getting the next outfit.

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Have Drax place it right outside the doorway. The player will use it to gain access to the hidden area. Double jump onto the pillar and then jump into the hidden area.

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From there, players simply need to go forward and open the little chest. The Bad-Lord outfit for Star-Lord is inside. It’s a play on Quill’s younger self’s outfit in the flashbacks.

The outfit still features the same hair, jean jacket, and jeans combo but does not have the unmistakable black eye that the younger Quill had while wearing it.

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