Super Robot Wars 30 is the 30th-anniversary edition of the popular Super Robot Wars franchise and the first to get a simultaneous release of the English and Japanese versions. However, some have struggled to find the gamer in the Nintendo eShop.

This issue has primarily affected players in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and outside of Europe. The way around it is fairly simple. You’ll have to access the game from the Japanese version of the Nintendo eShop. When you download the game, you’ll be able to change the language to English.

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However, if the game isn’t appearing you your Nintendo eShop, it may be due to the game not being available in your region at this time. In which case, you should be aware that you may be breaching the terms and service and EULA of the game by downloading it from a different region to your primary Nintendo eShop region.

Super Robot Wars 30 is a great game, but it’s definitely not worth getting in trouble for or breaking any laws!

However, for most players, you can simply find Super Robot Wars 30 in the Nintendo eShop as normal. You can also purchase the game on PC with Steam or PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store.

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