Genshin Impact is a game that constantly updates throughout the year, bringing in new fresh content for you to experience. MiHoYo doesn’t just focus on older areas though, they often go back to other regions to breathe new life into them. This time around, they are adding a new feature to Mondstadt.

Now that 2.4 is out, your going to want to be careful the next time you go through Wolvendom. The area now spawns Rifthounds Welps, but players can easily avoid them for the most part. The Welps will spawn on the cliff above the arena in Wolvendom and don’t take the place of any of the Hilichurl you are used to.

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In addition, Rifthound Welps will only spawn in Wolvendom if you have completed Razor’s story quest, The Meaning of Lupical. You don’t need to worry about the stronger version of Rifthounds spawning as of right now, but it’s always possible that MiHoYo will add in the adult Rifthounds in the future.

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