After reading the book about Rin and Mio, players must locate rats and perform a certain task to escape the Minka. Although finding three rats doesn’t seem like such a hard accomplishment, it can prove to be quite challenging, considering Rin is on the prowl. Here’s how to find the rats you need and complete the puzzle successfully.

Check rooms with squeaking

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The rats spawn in random spots each time you play, but they are generally found in similar spaces. To find the rats, you’re going to want to listen for the sound of their squeaking. You should be able to easily locate which room they are in by their noises. However, be cautious while checking rooms. Sometimes, rats will spawn in rooms that aren’t safe. The only rooms that you will be safe from Rin in are rooms with these hangings ropes over the doors.

Check cabinets and corners

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Though the rats spawn randomly each time, they can usually be found hiding in cabinets or the corners of the room. You’re going to want to open all the cabinet doors and check in the dark corners and behind dividers. Keep in mind that you’ll hear them squeaking if they are in the same room as you.

Grab the rats

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When you locate a rat, all you have to do is walk over to it and hold E to grab it. You can only hold one rat at a time, so if you locate more than one at a time, make a mental note of where it is. Once you have a rat, it’s time to poison it. Look out for Rin after you have a rat. If she catches you, you will drop the rat and it will respawn in a random spot again.

Poison the rat at the well

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Once you have a rat, head over to the room with the pond and tree in the middle of it. You will find an Old Well that you can use. Holding E on the well while a rat is in your inventory will poison it. This what you need to do to the rats before you can feed them to Mio. Once the rat is poisoned, you need to head straight to the bell room.

Feed Mio

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Once you have a poisoned rat and find the room with the large bell, you can ring the bell and call Mio to feed. You’re going to want to stand behind the bell on the opposite side of the doorway, as Rin will come straight through the door to the bell once it’s rung.

You will once again have to hold E on the bell to ring it and stay crouched behind it while she feeds. Once she eats the rat and leaves the room, you are one step closer to completing the task. You will need to feed her three rats in total to finish and be able to escape through the exit.

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